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BIN Checker The internet can be your best friend but still be your worst enemy. It makes it easy for conmen to go through your system and take vital information that can cost. The biggest form of internet fraud is by use of gift cards, prepaid, debit or credit cards. This can be done by use of the numbers that appear on these cards. When stolen and input on fake cards, they can be used to perform transactions. But if the business finds this out, they can be stopped and when someone tries to use it, it will be declined. As a company that allows payment through cards, you should be able to protect yourself.

We are a database company that collects Bank Identification Numbers from financial institutions, online marketing companies and other reliable sources. We currently have a database of 140,000 identification numbers. Any company that accepts cards as a form of payment should use our database. The BIN Checker database can seamlessly be integrated into your company's system so they work complementarily.

BIN Checker uses these numbers, called the Bank Identification to form a database that can establish whether a card is valid or not. These numbers can be identified by the first six digits of a card. They are industry specific such that one sector will not have the same number as another. For example, by using the BIN Checker database, you can be able to tell if a card belongs to a bank, travel or credit card company. The last digits will always be different and always determined by the issuing company.

By use of BIN Checker for American express for example, you can access BIN Checker to see if a card has transaction authorization. Credit cards expose companies to risk such as charge back. If a customer's card number is stolen and used to make payment. That payment will be reversed and you will be charged a certain fee. With a BIN Checker database you can be able to reduce such risks. To see how it can work for your company you can visit BIN Checker online to do a trial run. Bank Bin checker is also a feature we use to verify debit card transactions. Unlike credit cards these are more risky because they represent a customer's money. The penalty of charge back from a debit card is higher because of this. Main reason being that debit cards operate with personal identification numbers only revealed by the card holder. Any fraud activity after this might be related to the shop itself. So you should protect your reputation by visiting BIN Checker online.

You should also protect your customers by installing credit card BIN Checker. Credit card information is vulnerable because customers shopping online maybe asked to give information that they do not have to. Fraudsters know this and collect this data to use. They are also dynamic and device new tactics to beat systems daily. We know this at BIN Checker that is why we always verify our database on a daily basis.


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